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The Daughters of Mars
Thomas Keneally
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The New Republic
Lionel Shriver
Stonewielder - Ian C. Esslemont Some of the characters were pretty intriguing, but ICE completely finished off a pretty interesting section of the world without much ado.
Death in the Andes - Edith Grossman, Mario Vargas Llosa While the book was not unenjoyable, it's not a book that I've thought about since I finished it.
The Black Prism - Brent Weeks The book starts out a little slow but picks up well. Brent Weeks manages to craft an interesting world and throw a few little twists in to keep familiar tropes uncertain.
A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore Christopher Moore is a very talented author and manages to tease both tears and laughs out of his audience with this book. He ties in characters from some of his other books, cameos that work well to establish the universe he has created (pretty much entirely in and around San Francisco).